Camilla’s Travels

The Captivating Carousings of Camilla the Camel

Meet Camilla

Camilla is the cute orange pearl in Engineering’s grubby midst, and due to almost fanatical devotion by her closest friends gets to travel to far off (and not too far off) places. Truth be told, she is also a bit of a show-off, hence this collection of holiday snaps which show her carelessly cavorting in many different places.


Not content with merely parading around in front of the locals, she also sent back a postcard from this trip. See all the images here. For the more detailed observer, it ought to be noted that the rather fetching (and totally authentic) cow-bell that Camilla sports in her home shots was obtained on this very trip.


Currently shrouded in a cloak of secrecy, details of Camilla’s trip to Transylvania are still quite sketchy. Hopefully we should be able to provide enlightenment in the very near future.

The Lake District

So far, the most physically demanding of any of her trips, Camilla gets to climb (not-quite) mountains and go for a rather chilly swim. Although quite tight-lipped since her return, we have noticed a disturbing candid glimpse of one of her ‘friends’. At this point, Camilla insists that they are merely “good friends”. I hope she knows what she is doing…

Relaxing at Home

Not content with strutting her stuff around Europe, here’s a couple of pictures of Camilla relaxing at home in Engineering.


Details of Camilla’s first business trip are now being made available, but happily there was still time to see some sites and generally play around.


A well earned break in the mountains of Mallorca, with essential relaxation by the pool. Not one to avoid danger, she also closely investigates some Cacti… Watch her sculling prowess in MPEG4 movie format too.


Merlions and Camels are not normally so friendly, but everyone makes an exception for Camilla.

New Zealand

Volcanos, Earthquakes, Lakes and Maori carvings: bringing a splash of bright orange to a spectacular blue/green landscape.

At The Races

What better way for one hoofed ruminant to relax than watching others do the work ? She’s not quite ready for her own jockey just yet, but never rule anything out for our intrepid adventurer.

What The Hack

Well, she’s an Engineering Gal, so of course a festival of Geek such as What The Hack is too tempting to resist. See how she got on at the 2005 event.